The Low Alert Indicator - FREE DOWNLOAD

Indicator/Alert - for thinkorswim™

Because the thinkorswim platform only quietly plots the session's low with a silent price bubble, this powerful Indicator/Alert plays adjustable audio sounds (bells, rings, chimes, etc.) to notify you from a listening distance exactly when these session Lows occur.

The Extreme "Money Bands" Indicator/Alert

Indicator/Alert - for thinkorswim™

Derived from a top secret indicator used by a private group of global trading professionals. And commissioned by a former US Hedge Fund CEO, this miracle of the math and coding expertise seems to "know" exactly when Price is going to just "knows".

"The Green Group" Indicator/Alert

Indicator/Alert - for thinkorswim™

It was once discovered by a wise and wealthy trader that - after ANY Red (down) candle - IF the two candles that follow that Red candle are both Green (up) candles, THEN the very next candle is highly likely to be a Red (down) candle. Now it's time for you to have that same profit advantage with this great Indicator/Alert.

Get In The Money Every Time!

  • Audible and visual notifications.
  • React to trade setups faster!
  • Get more trade opportunities!
  • No more waiting for trades.
  • and much more...
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