The Extreme “Money Bands” Indicator/Alert for thinkorswim™

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Use This Indicator & Alert To Trade:  Forex/Currencies, Stocks, Stock Options, Futures, Binary Options, and Nadex

Success Rate: 80% – 90%*

Description: Powered by a complicated math equation and built by a perfectionistic team of developers, this awesome thing of beauty was created to bring you an easy-to-use Indicator/Alert that is perfect for the casual or full-time trader. Configured properly, the Extreme “Money Bands” Indicator/Alert offers up a multitude of “safe” and profitable trades every trading day/all day.

Use: Derived from a top secret indicator used by a private group of global trading professionals. And commissioned by a former US Hedge Fund CEO, this miracle of math and coding expertise seems to “know” exactly when Price is going to reverse…short-term…long-term…etc. Once Price reaches the Upper or Lower reversal areas – depicted as a price channel (we call these the “The Money Bands”) – this Indicator/Alert sounds an Alert that calls you over to your computer to prepare for a possible trade setup. This Indicator/Alert is a personal favorite.

Other Notable Features:

  • Back-testing capability: Once your settings are selected all past and future trade setups will show arrows plotted above them to show you the previous success of your chosen settings.
  • Audio alerts: selectable alert types: bells, rings, chimes, etc.
  • Visual alerts: arrows above trade setup candles.
  • Extensive alert color and style configurations.
  • Unlimited free software updates whenever they become available.

Note: Because this powerful Indicator dynamically updates itself (“re-paints”) to accurately stay in sync with the most recent Price Activity, it is best to use this Indicator/Alert with your Higher Time-Frame strategies. This way – with the slower moving price activity of Higher Time-Frames – you get the best and most profitable signals from this wonderful Indicator.

Recommended: If you want to find out from the creators of this Indicator/Alert how it was intended to be used for maximum profits, we highly recommend your getting it’s companion guide – The Best Settings, System Tips And Configurations eBook – also available here in our Product Store.

With this favorite Indicator/Alert you’ll be amazed at how consistently right it is and what that means for your bank account. Go ahead and get your copy now while it’s still available!

System Requirements/Compatibility: Mac and PC compatible via the thinkorswim platform






* Past results do not guarantee future performance. When used with the proper system and settings, these past results are from forward testing and back-testing the Indicator(s)/Alert(s) in real market conditions.