*NEW* Traditional MACD Indicator for Metatrader™

$29.99 Free!


Use This Indicator For (Metatrader): Forex/Currencies, Stocks, Stock Options, Futures, Binary Options, and Nadex…anything that can be charted in Metatrader.

Description: As mentioned in our book on Amazon.com entitled, “How To Make Your First $1Million” by Billlions.com, this Traditional MACD Indicator for Metatrader is the ESSENTIAL two-line version of the MACD Indicator that you’ll need in order to trade our system as outlined in the new book.

Use: For trade signals and confirmations as demonstrated – in particular – by the system thoroughly covered in the book “How To Make Your First $1Million” by Billlions.com, now available on Amazon.com!

System Requirements/Compatibility: Compatible with all current Metatrader platforms

1. Right-click and select “Copy” over the Indicator you downloaded.
2. Run the Metatrader platform.
4. Inside the Metatrader program, click on the “File” menu at top left of the platform. Click on “Open Data Folder”
5. When you do, a window will open which contains the operating files for MetaTrader. All the Indicators, Templates, Profiles are located here in their proper folders.
6. Look for the MQL(x) folder (the ‘x’ will be a number based on the version of Metatrader you have).
7. Inside this folder, look for the Indicators folder. Open it.
8. Now right-click inside this folder and select “Paste” to paste the downloaded Indicator into this folder.
9. Close all windows.
10. Close Metatrader.
11. Restart Metatrader.
And your newly added Indicator should be found listed in the +Add Indicator menu, in the “Custom” list of Indicators.
Select the Indicator when you see it listed in order to apply it to your chart.
Voila! You’re good to go :)