“The Green Group” Indicator/Alert for thinkorswim™

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Use This Indicator & Alert To Trade:  Forex/Currencies, Stocks, Stock Options, Futures, Binary Options, and Nadex

Success Rate: 80%*

Description: Our most versatile indicator to date, this Indicator/Alert yields an abundant amount of perfect trade setups per day – increasing your trading profit potential enormously!

Created initially as a powerful companion Indicator/Alert to a wildly successful private Facebook trading group’s premier strategy – now evolved from its origins, whether you call it the Green Group’s ‘5-2-1’ or ‘3 Candles Strategy’ – this Indicator/Alert brings the perfect trade setups to your attention via adjustable audible (bells, rings, chimes, etc.) and visual (arrows and tag) alerts.

Use: Although it gives perfect Alerts for PUTS or Short positions ONLY known as one of THE MOST PROFITABLE chart patterns…ever – this popular 3 Bar Reversal Pattern was once discovered by a wealthy trader who once observed – after Red (down) candles, IF the two candles that follow that Red candle are both Green (up) candles, THEN the very next candle is highly likely to be a Red (down) candle. Naturally, this discovery led to profits beyond belief just trading Puts (or going Short).

Now it’s time for you too to have that same profit advantage with this Indicator/Alert.

Since the combined value of those two Green candles observed must be above a certain number of pips/points to give you good trade setups, our software allows you to type in exactly how many pips/points you want those two Green candles (combined) to be before it alerts you of a trade setup.

This one setting alone, is worth Millions.

Overall, this Indicator/Alert empowers you to know when every trade setup occurs and more. No more measuring and subtracting candles. It does this all for you, and calls you over to your computer when you have a true trade setup!

Other Noteworthy Features: – Backtesting capability: Once your settings are selected all past and future trade setups will show arrows plotted above them to show you the previous success of your chosen settings.

  • Audio alerts: selectable alert types: bells, rings, chimes, etc.
  • Visual alerts: arrows above trade setup candles, and Tags underneath the setup candles that display the green candles’ actual combined pips/points number.
  • Extensive alert color and style configurations
  • Unlimited free software updates whenever they become available

Recommended: To unlock its most powerful profit potential, we recommend you purchase it’s companion ebook – Best Settings, Strategy Tips And Configurations – also available here in our store.

With this one Indicator/Alert, your trading gains can be unstoppable.

Order this Indicator/Alert now so you can start trading with it today!

System Requirements/Compatibility: Mac and PC compatible via the thinkorswim platform






* Past results do not guarantee future performance. When used with the proper system and settings, these past results are from forward testing and back-testing the Indicator(s)/Alert(s) in real market conditions.