*NEW* The High & Low Alert/Indicator for Metatrader™

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Use This Indicator & Alert To Trade: Forex/Currencies, Stocks, Stock Options, Futures, Binary Options, and Nadex

Success Rate: 95%*

It’s finally here! Many of you have been requesting this indicator for Metatrader. And now it has arrived!

Description: Because the Metatrader platform alone does not plot the session’s Highs and Lows by default, we created this powerful Indicator/Alert which plays adjustable audio sounds to notify you – from a listening distance – when these session Highs and Lows actually occur.

This Alert/Indicator alerts you with sounds and arrows when the following Highs and Lows are reached:
Today’s, Day’s, Week’s, Month’s, and Year’s…High/Low

This will instantly empower you to capitalize on each session High/Low, and react quickly with your strategy in real time.

Use: After reaching the session’s High or Low on a chart, almost like clockwork, Price usually begins to miraculously retreat from that High/Low after reaching the height/depth of that session. This Indicator/Alert now puts you in a great position to profit from this predictable occurrence.

Empower yourself now with this Indicator/Alert.

System Requirements/Compatibility: Compatible with all current Metatrader platforms





* Past results do not guarantee future performance. When used with the proper system and settings, these past results are from forward testing and back-testing the Indicator(s)/Alert(s) in real market conditions.