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So you've made it through all of the educational videos... Now it's time to take action!

What's Your Next Step?

Your next step should be to choose which Market interests you most: Forex, Stocks, or Binary Options?

Then open up a Brokerage Account with a good Broker for the Market you're interested in, and just start out "Demo Trading". Demo Trading is when you're taking pretend trades based on real market moves; no real money is needed nor used in Demo Trading. This provides you a safe way to 'get in the game' of trading and feel the emotion of it without any risk.

When you signup with your new Brokerage, ask them for a Demo Account so you can start practice trading.

Our list of recommended Brokers can be found here

Our Indicators will make this super easy for you by giving you many ways to trade - in all Markets - and alerting you of all of your strategy's perfect trade setups, with audible alerts (through your computer's speakers) and bright arrows on your charts.

Note: In order to use our powerful Indicator/Alerts, you must already have the thinkorswim platform installed on your computer. (Later, we plan to release Metatrader versions of our software as well). If you don’t already have thinkorswim you can obtain it for free from TD Ameritrade by visiting their website and simply opening a (free) account with them.

Go ahead and get started now! A whole world of wealth awaits you!

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